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  • So with 4 kg's up in weight, a massive reduction in body fat, massive muscle gains and a healthier lifestyle the pictures speak for themselves. I cannot recommend this 12 week program enough. My mates and colleges  noticed changes every week and I have to say I have never looked or felt so good. I learned so much along the way, not only about weight training but also about myself and my capabilities.  I am not stopping here….. My next program is on the way. A massive thanks to the very professional and and talented Aaron Hanlon. This guy know his stuff!!!!!!!
  • This training program helped me greatly to shape my body the way I wanted to. I was able to reach the most healthy and best looking measurements that my body and genetics allow me to. I have always been doing sports, but it wasn’t until I started this training program that this was also very visible on my body. The great thing about the program is that it keeps on changing on monthly basis, and therefore it doesn’t get boring and it will keep on challenging your body, which delivers the best results. I can highly recommend this training program! Trust me, you won’t regret it! :)
  • My initial goal was to lose weight but about 6 weeks in i had nearly reached my target weight and there was signs of muscle gain which i was delighted about friends and co workers started noticing changes and that was a great feeling plus who doesn’t love a compliment ha. Big thanks to aaron for all his help!
    Graham Heavin
  • This challenge is a tough one, change is always hard at first but when you start and get into it you’ll begin to enjoy it along with the huge support you have while doing it and and when you start seeing results you”ll see why its worth doing.

    After 12 weeks.. 13kg lighter,inches gone from my waist ,hips and all over I have the pictures to show my progress so far, I’m happy I started and anyone who has the opportunity should start too.I have learnt so much about the benefits of weight training and now love it so much so that i now compete in weightlifting competitions.

    I would like to say a big thank you to Aaron and i cant wait to start my new advanced iron cast program.

    Teanna Watts
  • Many people associate working with a Personal Trainer or having a ”diet” made for you with being a semi professional athlete or a very driven individual aspiring to compete in some form of fitness competition. Indeed if you have goals like those its good to get some advice and a coach to help you really shred out and insure that you also don’t hurt yourself.

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